Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 ‘04- Carbon Fiber Brake Pad Shims

Kit: Front (4 Shims)
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HEL Performance have pulled out all the stops when developing their carbon fibre brake pad shims. They've used the finest carbon fibre, combined with an exclusive resin which is non-combustible and thermally resistant to temperatures over 400°C (752°F). This special resin cures an attractive deep orange against the black fibres.

These don't just look the part though: initial testing carried out by a professional racing driver in various road and track conditions showed a huge average temperature drop of 49°C (120.2°F) on the front calipers.

HEL carbon fibre shims come in at a super-lightweight 3.5 grams per shim, compared to weighty titanium which are a typical 17 grams per shim. That's a dramatic 79% weight saving.

That's not the only comparison which makes titanium inferior though: carbon fibre also has a much lower heat conduction compared to titanium (1W/mK compared to 22W/mK for titanium and 65W/mK for steel). Anything that helps reduce the temperature and increase efficiency of brake components is a good thing, especially as caliper seals are at risk of being damaged when they get too hot.

Installing these carbon fibre brake pad shims will certainly inspire confidence that when you brake aggressively, all the components are being kept cool and working at their best.

You can also re-use the shims when changing pads, as long as they're in a good condition.

Caliper Temperatures
Standard HEL Carbon Fibre Shims Difference
Front Right 217.8°C 165.6°C ↓  52.2°C (24%)
Front Left 224.8°C 178.9°C ↓  45.9°C (20.4%)
Rear Right 138.9°C 116.6°C ↓  22.3°C (16.1%)
Rear Left 131.1°C 113.3°C ↓  17.8°C (13.6%)


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