Certifiably Superior

Quality means everything to us, and to our customers. When it comes to brakes, compromise simply isn’t an option – especially in highly competitive motorsport environments where safety and victory can both depend on our products.

Trusted Globally

That’s why all our hoses are tested rigorously and to extremes in the laboratory (to strict federal regulations) – and on the racetrack, where they’re proven time and time again. Our hoses meet and exceed regulatory requirements all over the world, making them road legal anywhere.

Company Certification

ISO9001 : 2015

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ISO14001 : 2015

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OHSAS 18001

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Brake Line Certification


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Israel MoT



Where Others Fall Short…

Many traditional hoses fail the ‘whip test’, which mimics the movement of the hose during normal use on a vehicle. Hoses are typically whip tested to destruction to determine durability, but must last for at least 35 hours to be certified.

In whip testing, four HEL Performance brake lines were removed from whip test apparatus after 40 hours, and were still fully intact. Two of the hoses were tested further – one for 70 hours, and another for 93 hours. Both remained intact – something the independent test centre had never experienced in over 20 years of testing.

This is testament to the research and design, and the quality of materials we use, in every HEL Performance product.

When we began making brake lines in the UK, all our competitors were selling reusable items. Not for long… we quickly changed the market.