Honda Civic FK2 2.0 Type R (2015-) Oil Cooler Kit

Kit: Black Nylon Cotton Braided
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After the success of our last development work on the latest exciting Japanese pocket rocket, the GR Yaris, we were really keen to look back on another one which would benefit from the same treatment, given how little on the market there was for it. As luck would have it, our old FK2 is now owned by an ex-employee locally, so it seemed sense to borrow that to do our development work.

Again we knew that we wanted to create an easy to fit oil cooler kit, so we 3D scanned the engine bay to find the best solution. As a result, we manufactured 2 custom aluminium brackets to mount the oil cooler on the crash bar. The cooler then sits in direct air flow in the space between the 2 headlights, the perfect location for effective cooling.

We based the kit around the popular Swedish-manufactured Setrab Series 6 ProLine oil cooler. The 19 row fits perfectly in the space we had to use and gives a great balance between minimising pressure loss while giving very effective cooling.

We've been using Setrab oil coolers for over 10 years without any issues and their performance is unrivalled. There are lots of cheaper imported options available, but none as reliable (there aren't many things worse than having a burst oil cooler!). In fact, we've had reports of front end collisions and the Setrab oil cooler was the only thing that still worked!

This comprehensive kit arrives with preassembled HEL braided hoses and anodised aluminium fittings. These AN10 high flow performance hoses deliver and return oil from the oil cooler to a non-thermostatic sandwich plate and a crash bar mounted inline thermostat, set at 92°C (197.6°F). (A full diagram showing exactly where to mount the thermostat and brackets for the cooler is included in the kit). We've found the 92°C option gives you the perfect balance between cooling when needed and letting the engine warm up safely. It's also dangerous for the oil to be too cold and the thermostat controls the temperature with precision.

This direct-fit kit offers a safe and reliable cooling system for the FK2 which is known to suffer heat issues on track. It comes complete with easy-to-understand instructions and our technical support team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

What's Included
  • Setrab Series 6 ProLine 19 row oil cooler with AN10 banjo adapters.
  • HEL custom aluminium mounting bracket.
  • Non-thermostatic oil filter sandwich plate with a 92°C in-line thermostat.
  • Preassembled AN10 HEL braided hoses with anodised aluminium fittings (heat sleeve optional).
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • Installation instructions.

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