HEL Performance Universal Oil Catch Can

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Oil catch cans are a must on performance cars and with our new and improved design, there's no better time to give your engine the love it deserves.

They are used to prevent oil and other contaminants from causing a nasty build-up of sludge inside the intake manifold. It acts as a filter, linking into the crankcase breather system and separates the oil and water residue to give cleaner inlet air, which can increase engine performance and lower hydrocarbon emissions.

Machined from solid billet aluminium and with custom knurling, the sleek and compact two-piece design features an easily removable aluminium baffle for oil condensing and an upgraded stainless wire separator, a vast improvement over wire wool which you still find in most catch cans.

Sludge Checking

We've added a handy anodised red dipstick to check the oil levels and included a drain plug for quick and easy removal of all the unwanted sludge.

Custom System

Because this catch can doesn't come with hose or fittings you have the complete freedom to customise your own system. Both the inlet and outlet ports have common -10 AN JIC threads which suit a wide range of adapters, hose and fittings available on our website.


We include a strong custom aluminium bracket to enable easy and secure mounting anywhere in the engine bay.

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