‘13-‘22 Ford Fusion Brake Lines

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 What’s stopping you?

 What’s the most commonly over looked part of a braking system? I’ll tell you, it’s the lines. You can upgrade pads, rotors, master, and fluid, but if you aren’t upgrading your lines, you are leaving performance on the table.

 Often times factory rubber lines expand under pressure. The more you press the pedal the more expansion you get. This makes braking sometimes unpredictable. Even worse this makes your stopping distance longer. We all know every foot counts.

We have a solution for you.

 Here at Filigree Racing we build performance driven brake line kits to fit your needs. Our lines can be found on everything from street cars to top end motorsports.

 So what makes us better?

 Each line is hand built and swagged in our shop to be within a .2 millimeter tolerance. For reference that’s roughly two pieces of paper thick.

 Lifetime warranty on all our kits. Simply email us photos and we will ship out a replacement. No questions asked.

 All fittings are made from a CNC’d high tensile strength stainless steel. Often times our competitors use a zinc coated steel that later corrodes causing issues down the road.

 Our line has a forged seamless PTFE liner. This process eliminates the chances of the seam splitting as found on cheaper alternatives.

 All our lines run a high tensile strength stainless braid that’s angled to optimize performance and reduce expansion. Not all braided lines are created equal.

 In order to protect the braid and keep the dirt, grime, and brake dust out the lines run a PVC outer that’s installed during the manufacturing process. The PVC makes it hard for everything you pick up on the road to actually stick. This also makes cleaning it a breeze with a simple wipe down.

 Our brake lines are DOT legal for use in the United States. If you happen to live outside the United States, we got you covered there too. Our lines are certified to the strictest requirements globally making sure they are road legal everywhere.

 All brake line kits are intended to be a direct fit for OE lines. If you need them customized please reach out to us so we can make sure they fit your needs.

 To save you from us ranting for hours we will simply post additional info and specs below.

 What’s Included

Includes front and rear brake lines (intermediate where available)

Stainless steel braided brake lines

Stainless steel banjo bolts (if the fittings require them)

Copper crush washers (if the fittings require them)

Installation leaflet


Line inner material PTFE

Line outer material Stainless steel (303/304) and protective PVC cover

Fittings material Stainless steel (303/304)

Temperature range -70°C to 260°C (-94°F to 500°F)

Inside diameter 3.5mm (0.138")

Outside diameter 7.5mm (0.295")

Maximum working pressure 290 Bar (4206 PSI)

Burst pressure 870 Bar (12618 PSI)

Minimum bend radius 38mm (1.496")


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